This is a small start. We feel the push of our buyers and our partners at origin to say less and do more. Our hope by joining this movement is to ignite our industry to hold us accountable for what we stand for.

Listed below is the price that was paid to the producer, SCA cupping score, size of the lot, length of buying relationship and percentage of coffees that we’ve listed for the pledge. Because this can be sensitive information, we’ve gotten approval from the farmer to list this publicly. For our other coffee listings, please ask us directly for transparency information.

Transparency certainly can’t solve this problem by itself. Transparency might not be able to guarantee if the business relationship between farmers and coffee buyers is right. It cannot guarantee that trading relations are meaningful or that the prices that are paid for green coffee are adequate and can guarantee a living income to producers.

What it might reveal though, is when business relations aren’t as good as they seem. Transparency can ensure that marketing claims that would otherwise stand for itself must be backed by actual facts. Therefore it can make communication towards consumers more honest.

What transparency can also accomplish is to enable actors along the supply chain to make informed choices. Transparency can contribute to challenge current pricing mechanisms based on commodity stock market prices. Transparent Trade Coffee and the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide are excellent initiatives that tackle this challenge.
— https://www.transparency.coffee/about/

Perez and Anzueto Families


Family Bonds - Finca Isnul Asamblea 46

FOB Price - $3.70/lb.

SCA Score - 86.5

Lot Size - 25 bags

Length of Relationship - 1 year

% of Transparent Coffees - 1%


Finca Isnul Natural Washed Pacamara

FOB Price - $7.00/lb.

SCA Score - 87.0

Lot Size - 10 bags

Length of Relationship - 1 year

% of Transparent Coffees - 1%


Finca Reforma La Chichita Caturra

FOB Price - $3.70/lb.

SCA Score - 86.25

Lot Size - 40 bags

Length of Relationship - 1 year

% of Transparent Coffees - 1%