WP - San Antonio Chaguite Natural Caturra

WP - San Antonio Chaguite Natural Caturra

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William Perez - San Antonio Chaguite Natural Caturra

The Perez and Anzueto families are “the grandparents” of all things coffee in Huehuetenango. They share memories of hauling down bags of parchment on the backs of mules and now share the success of what they have built as their children and grandchildren continue the legacy. The cherries are picked only when ripe, hand selected, and put through a ringer of QC tests in their state of the art lab. When ready, they are milled at their family owned micro mill in the city of Huehuetenango and loaded on a truck for the port. The care doesn’t stop there though, they take great pride in following the coffee to the buyer to ensure that it is being represented accurately and also to see how they are being received. Fun Fact: They serve their coffees at Coffee Libre GT, which they own and operate in Guatemala City!

Offering Suggestion: This coffee would be an excellent candidate for a special feature year round.

01. Guatemala: Huehuetenango, Agua Dulce
02. 1,850 masl.
03. Natural, dried on patios in the sun
04. Caturra
05. 11% moisture
06. 88
07. Pineapple, Green Apple, Caramel, Lime, Raspberry Sparkling

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