AV - Punta del cerro Pacamara

AV - Punta del cerro Pacamara

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Aurelio Villatoro - Punta del cerro pacamara, Top of the hill

The story begins with Aurelio’s father and the family farm, Finca La Esperanza (hope.) Just like so many of us, we take pride in our family trade but sometimes feel the pull to go out and do our own thing. That is what Aurelio decided to do as he worked towards becoming an auto mechanic. He became a very skilled technician and still to this day takes any opportunity he can to find old and restored jeeps and rigs. After working as a mechanic he decided to return to Finca La Esperanza and in 1986 he started his own farm, Finca Villaure (‘Vill’ from Villatoro and ‘aure’ from Aurelio.)

From the first coffees planted and harvested, Aurelio has used his technical practices to be as intentional and proactive as possible towards the quality and success of his coffees. Starting in 2002 to now, Villaure has placed in Cup of Excellence 5 times and has paved the way for many successful partnerships throughout the globe. Today, his sons Jenner and Rodin have continued the legacy not only with their own fincas but also running their brand new bodega and lab. The town of Hoja Blanca, where their fincas are located, is just right before the Mexican border in NW Guatemala. The typography of this valley creates ideal growing conditions for just the right amount of sun and shade during the day.

Offering Suggestion: This coffee would be an excellent candidate for a single origin feature or single origin espresso.


01. Guatemala, Huehuetenango, Hoja Blanca, Cuilco
02. 1,750 masl.
03. Fully washed and dried on patios and raised beds in the sun
04. Pacamara
05. 11% moisture measured
06. 87
07. Pineapple, ginger, milk chocolate, 2% milk mouthfeel, very sweet

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