Pacific Mazatenango Vanilla Bean (500g)

Pacific Mazatenango Vanilla Bean (500g)


Boppel Family - Pacific Mazatenango Vanilla Bean, Grade A

Note: This is Vanilla Bean (not coffee) sourced from Guatemalan coffee producers.

Enrique Boppel came to Guatemala in the late 1800’s from Germany in the hopes to make a place in the world for his family. He settled in the South Coast of Guatemala where coffee fincas and rubber plantations were prevalent. After years of working his way up at Finca San Isidro, Enrique saved enough to buy the farm and started to produce high-quality coffees. Now, three generations later, Franz and his family continue in Enrique’s footsteps producing the highest quality vanilla at Finca San Isidro.

This Vanilla varietal is MesoAmerican tissue (V. planifolia species) more commonly known as Bourbon vanilla (named after the former Réunion Island off the coast of Madagascar).

Offering Suggestion: As this vanilla is of the highest grade, it is a beautiful compliment to any fine pastry, simple syrup, or special family recipe. It is the more potent vanilla variety and easily infuses a deep, earthy, vanillin flavor into any dish.

01. Guatemala: South Coast
02. 700 masl.
03. Hand pollinated and dried in the sun on raised beds
04. Bourbon, planifolia species
05. Emitting a rich, familiar vanilla flavor and aroma
06. Grade A (The highest grade above B and C)

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