JV - Los Olivos

JV - Los Olivos

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Julian Villatoro - Los Olivos, The Olives

Julian is one of the three brothers; Aurelio, Juan, and Julian. Like his brothers, he was born into coffee on his family’s farm, Finca La Esperanza. It was there that he found producing coffee could be a lifelong career and give him something to share with his family in the future. Los Olivos is made up of 3 different lots. This offering is a beautiful blend of those lots.

Offering Suggestion: This coffee would be an excellent candidate for a single origin feature or compliment to a fruit forward blend.


01. Guatemala, Huehuetenango, Hoja Blanca, Cuilco
02. 1,750 masl.
03. Fully washed and dried on patios in the sun
04. Bourbon, Caturra
05. 10% moisture measured
06. 84
07. Sweet molasses syrup, cut lime, tea-like acidity, toffee

Releasing at The Annex, $3.25/lb
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