CV - Los Dos Socios

CV - Los Dos Socios

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Concepción Villatoro - Los Dos Socios, The two partners

La Libertad is an adventurous two and a half hour drive from the city of Huehuetenango. Concepción makes this drive every few days during the harvest to turn in his coffees. More often than not he will bring his son-in-law, Facundo, as it is a long journey to make alone. They will leave the finca around 5am after they have loaded their coffees. While he waits for the coffee to be loaded into the bodega they will come to the lab and enjoy a cup of coffee with whoever is working. We are always joking with him that we are one of his socios. Concepción is one of the most peaceful people you will meet. His years of experience and full life have given him an outlook on life that is extremely beautiful.

Los Dos Socios is consistently a stand out on our cupping tables. The high elevation in La Libertad allows these cherries to mature slowly and properly. In the cup this coffee is dense in sweetness, bright in acidity, and has a soft berry finish.

Offering Suggestion: This coffee would be an excellent candidate for a feature or SO summertime espresso.

01. El Chalum, La Libertad, Huehuetenango
02. 1700 masl.
03. Fully washed and dried on patios in the sun
04. Caturra
05. 11% moisture
06. 86.5
07. Cherry, Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate, Lemon

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