MR - La Maravilla

MR - La Maravilla

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Mauricio Rosales - La Maravilla, The Wonder

Guatemalan farmers are doers and the Rosales family is no exception to that. Starting small and very simple, Mauricio and his father Guillermo, purchased a small piece of land (no access to roads) in La Libertad near Los Arroyos in ‘97. They learned as they went! Taking notes when plants were healthy and experimenting with different organic fertilizers in between harvests. As each year past, they kept growing and adding to their production. The Rosales family kept encouraging innovation at the farm level by investing in planning for future harvests, road building, and environmentally friendly practices to use and reuse water. Their story is similar to many of ours in the ways that we started working in coffee, found our passion and have never looked back!

Offering Suggestion: This coffee would be an excellent candidate for a seasonal featured espresso or blend base with a more delicate and fruit forward offering.

01. Guatemala, La Libertad
02. 1,700 masl.
03. Fully washed and dried on patios in the sun
04. Bourbon, Caturra
05. 11.5% moisture measured
06. Q Score upon available on arrival
07. Tasting notes available on arrival

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