AKB - La Cumbré

AKB - La Cumbré

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Anna Karen Block - La Cumbré, The Summit

For many years, Finca La Cumbre has been a family farm. With the efforts of the family and the workers it has managed to be one of the finest Guatemalan coffees of the Fraijanes region, obtaining the quality of a very fancy gourmet strictly hard bean (SHB). The family participated, through one the members, as a founding partner of the Guatemalan Association of Women in Coffee, in order to support the participation of women in the chain of this industry.

La Cumbre is located 30 minutes away from the city, making it possible to welcome as many visitors wishing to share with us the passion, tradition, care and love in the dedication to grow and produce these grains that contribute to promote the labour economics of our country.

The active Pacaya volcano is located nearly close to the plantation embellishing the sight view. Without doubt, the Pacaya has contributed to our volcanic soil fertility. God’s blessing is evident through the experience of living with the climate, and natural balance of rain, sunlight and coolness, due to its particular steep slopes bathed with hot sunshine at midday and kissing clouds at night.

The farm participated in two National Coffee Auctions, and for both harvests the coffee was selected among one of the best Guatemalan coffees to enter the Cup of Excellence. The coffee was also selected by the National Coffee Association (Anacafé) in 2005 to represent the Fraijanes Plateau in the different International Fairs.

Offering Suggestion: This coffee would be a perfect candidate for a favorite house drip or subscription.

01. Guatemala: Fraijanes
02. 1,300 masl.
03. Fully washed and dried on patios in the sun and shade
04. Engrafted varieties of Caturra and Nemaya, natural Bourbón, Cocolá, Tekisic
05. 11% moisture
06. 86
07. Sweet, clean, floral, good balance with a hint of almond and apple note, plus a fruit and floral, dark cherry.

Releasing at: The Annex, CA, $3.25/lb.

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