OLC - Durazno

OLC - Durazno

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Octavio López Camposeco - Durazno, The Peach

Octavio is a straight up coffee cowboy. He has thee coolest accessories. The story he tells is that he used to have fields and fields of peaches but they kept getting stolen so he switched to coffee. Octavio is extremely welcoming to those that visit Finca El Durazno. He has a large family and we can tell that he is a very loved grandpa! His sons have their own farms as well that he advises on. Octavio has been a mover and shaker in his region and encourages quality to the surrounding fincas.

Durazno doesn’t only taste like peach! It’s acidity is complex with a complimenting balance. This cup is full of strawberry, tropical fruits and honey.

Offering Suggestion: This coffee would be an excellent candidate for a summer feature (on ice!) or single origin espresso.

01. El Pajal, San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango
02. 1700 masl.
03. Fully washed and dried on patios in the sun
04. Bourbon, Caturra
05. 11% moisture
06. 86.75
07. Raisin, Honey, Tropical fruits, Strawberry

Now Playing at: The Annex, Continental Terminals NJ, $3.25/lb
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