World Coffee Research Checkoff Program Enrollment

Through the World Coffee Research Checkoff Program, roasters and importers can directly support the future of coffee by contributing pennies per pound on every green coffee purchase.

The check-off fund is a voluntary program established by WCR in collaboration with participating importing companies: Any interested customer can decide to have at least one penny ($0.01) added to the price per pound of any coffee purchased through Tecolote Coffee. The total contribution per sale is calculated and included as a line item on a roaster’s invoice; the funds are tracked and collected by Tecolote Coffee and remitted directly to WCR on a quarterly basis.

Participation is completely optional and as easy as filling the form below or contacting your sales representative.


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Opt-in by choosing any amount greater than $0.000 USD/lb of coffee purchased.
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Effective Start Date
Bill Retroactively to the Indicated Effective Date Above
In the event we receive this form on a date later than your indicated Effective Date (above), please check YES if you would like us to retroactively bill you back to your Effective Date.
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As part of your participation in supporting World Coffee Research (“WCR”), we are requesting that you confirm the following details that will allow us to execute the financial administration of your valued support to the WCR Check-off Fund. For all sales invoices we issue to you for green coffee, as of the effective date indicated above, we will add the committed contribution per pound indicated above as an additional billed amount to you. Tecolote Coffee will in-turn remit these funds on your behalf to World Coffee Research as requested by them (currently on a calendar quarter basis). Upon remitting your funds to WCR, Tecolote Coffee will confirm with WCR that you are the donor along with the amount remitted. Both World Coffee Research and Tecolote Coffee greatly appreciate your contribution and support of the WCR cause. If you have additional questions please feel free to visit the WCR website at