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Empowering coffee producers into financial health

We offer transparent sourcing services for Guatemalan green coffee.


The Hard Truth

Coffee producers are making little to no money

Coffee Production Costs


The specialty coffee industry is demanding fairer prices. However, without knowing the true costs absorbed by farmers, it’s impossible to define what fair pricing really is.


The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is a major commodities exchange based in New York City. The trading price of Arabica on the ICE is known as the C price, and it is this figure that affects the price of coffee. All coffee is treated as one raw material, regardless of origin or other factors.

Even specialty coffee prices are usually linked to the C price, plus a premium. The C price has fluctuated greatly, and recently has fallen to levels well-below the cost of production in many of the world’s growing regions. 


The Solution

Our work is to empower the coffee producers we work with into financial health! We will do this together through transparency, education, and simplifying access to the specialty markets.

From our experience in this industry, these are real and tangible goals to make producing coffee more profitable and appealing to the next generation.


La Esperanza

Panchito Morales is a well known producer from the San Antonio Huista region. He started working in coffee at age 15. Every harvest, learning more and more about farming and connecting his coffees specialty markets. He was featured in Guatemala’s regional guide to Guatemalan Coffees by Anacafe. We look forward to visits to his farm as he is an excellent host!


FTO Asproguate

Over 1,000 female producers representing farms in Acatenango, Atitilan, and San Martin Jilotepeque comprise Asproguate ONG. Join us as we celebrate the amazing works of these artists and share the flavors of Guatemalan Fair-Trade Organic coffee.⁣


Laguna Brava

What if profile blends were sourced with the same thoughtful approach as micro-lots? With Laguna Brava our goal exactly that. Carefully curated with our producer partners and quality team, Laguna Brava is a profile blend unlike any other. The farmers represent the most prolific growing regions in Guatemala and the coffee is sure to add value as an approachable blend, single-origin, or espresso.


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