Danae started her career in coffee at age 14 working as a barista in North Dakota, making her first PSL and learning quickly that customers have a strong opinion on which barista makes their drink. Right after high school she opened a coffee shop, The Brew, with her family in an 18th century Episcopalian church. It was there at The Brew that her love for coffee and the community was found. Since then, she has relocated to Bellingham, lived in Huehuetenango, and now has over a decade of coffee experience under her belt. She is an expert on all things coffee and whether she is on the farm at origin or brewing a cup at home she knows the depth of story and meaning that is a part of each experience. When she’s not droppin’ sweet beats here at Tecolote, she enjoys spending time with friends outside, cooking a good meal, and working on backyard projects with her husband.

Current Research Project: Marketing developing countries to the consumer: Its products and its people

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