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Empowering coffee producers into financial health
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Coffee Production Costs

The specialty coffee industry is demanding fairer prices. However, without knowing the true costs absorbed by farmers, it’s impossible to define what fair pricing really is.


The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is a major commodities exchange based in New York City. The trading price of Arabica on the ICE is known as the C price, and it is this figure that affects the price of coffee. All coffee is treated as one raw material, regardless of origin or other factors.

Even specialty coffee prices are usually linked to the C price, plus a premium. The C price has fluctuated greatly, and recently has fallen to levels well-below the cost of production in many of the world’s growing regions. 


Let’s Get to Work

Our mission is to empower the coffee producers we work with into financial health! We will do this together through transparency, education, and simplifying access to the specialty markets.

From our experience in this industry, these are real and tangible goals to make producing coffee more profitable and appealing to the next generation.


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